Rome: Trevi Fountain to open secret balcony

Jan 23, 2020 165

Rome's Palazzo Poli contains a secret walkway, leading to a viewing area at the summit of the Trevi Fountain, which could soon be open to visits by the public. This is according to ambititious plans announced by the National Institute for Graphics which is housed in the noble palace behind the Trevi Fountain, as reported by Rome daily newspaper Il Messaggero.

The concept of opening the stunning viewpoint - 40 metres high - is part of an enhancement project involving both the National Institute for Graphics and Palazzo Poli. The institute's director Maria Cristina Misito told Il Messaggero: "The idea is to offer a visit to the public that involves the rooms on the main floor, and through a series of rooms on the third floor you go up a small spiral staircase to the top, to enjoy overlooking the fountain and Rome, since we are in one of the highest points of the city."

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