Rome’s Jubilee security plan kicks off today

Nov 23, 2015 1067

by Andrea Marini

The security plan to keep Rome safe during the Jubilee of Mercy -- an extraordinary Holy Year to start on December 8 and last until November 20 2016 -- kicks off today. The plan was devised by Rome's prefecture (in Italy, an office representing the government in any province) and by Rome's police provincial headquarters --which manages the province's police forces from a technical and operational perspective.

Overall, 2,000 police deployed across Rome will ensure security throughout the Holy Year.

In the wake of ISIS's attacks in France, terror alert levels are at their highest. However, Rome's chief of police Nicolò D'Angelo underlined that "We are not at the same levels France is, and we are not enforcing a curfew."

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Fonte: Italy24


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