Remains of 10,000-year-old Infant Girl Found Buried with Decorations in Italian Cave

Dec 17, 2021 255

An international team of experts has announced that they had unearthed the oldest known burial of an infant girl in Europe and documented it in the European archaeological record while working in a cave in Liguria, Italy, reported Science Daily. Along with the bodies, the lavishly adorned 10,000-year-old grave comprised 60 pierced shell beads, four pendants, and an eagle-owl talon.

The discovery sheds light on the early Mesolithic period when there were few recorded graves, as well as the presumably egalitarian funeral care of a baby girl. The infant girl, named “Neve" after one river in the area, died while she was about 40 to 50 days old, somewhat
more than 10,000 years ago. It’s unknown what caused her death, now all that’s remained are a handful of her little bones and seashell jewels from the shrouds she was covered in.

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