Palazzo Adriano, the Sicilian hidden gem where a Oscar winning movie was filmed

Aug 27, 2023 361

In the heart of Sicily, equidistant from Palermo and Agrigento, stands Palazzo Adriano. Many are surely familiar with this village because it was one of the locations for Giuseppe Tornatore's Oscar-winning Nuovo Cinema Paradiso in 1990. Indeed, the beauty of this village at the foot of Monte delle Rose, part of the Sicani Mountains, has been inspiring its visitors for centuries.

Although small in size, the inhabitants number less than 2,000, the town encompasses truly distinctive histories and traditions. A very peculiar name, Palazzo Adriano. It seems that Palazzo comes from the Sicilian dialect, U Palazzu, and Adriano is instead the name of a forest located nearby. What is striking about this town is definitely its multiethnicity

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