Nutella special edition to celebrate Italy

Sep 21, 2020 455

Nutella has always inspired us to live with positivity, and once again wants to remind us that to grasp the good things in life we don’t need to look far, sometimes we just need to look around. This is why the Special Edition “Ti Amo Italia” was born, it will arrive on the market in October 2020  to invite us to realize how much wonder surrounds us, promoting a process of rediscovery of the extraordinary in the ordinary.

The protagonist of the special edition will be Italy, a place where everything is extraordinary, even if sometimes we take it for granted. The Special Edition in collaboration with ENIT, the Italian National Tourism Agency, was created  to enhance and promote the Italian territory and aims to create greater awareness of the beauty that surrounds us and how these extraordinary places are at hand and accessible to all.

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