New York mayor becomes Christmas statuette in Naples

Nov 10, 2013 911

The terracotta statuette shows the new mayor -- who has spoken proudly of his Italian heritage -- smiling and waving and wearing an Italian flag band like the one donned by mayors in Italy. It is on sale in San Gregorio Armeno, the Naples neighbourhood specialising in Christmas crafts, alongside representations of the traditional Holy Family as well as celebrities and world leaders including Maradona and Pope Francis.

The statue was made by Genny Di Virgilio who said he would give it to the mayor if he visits. "This is a great moment for the all the people of the Campania region and all the Neapolitan families with relatives who emigrated to the United States," Di Virgilio told reporters. De Blasio's grandfather came from the town of Sant'Agata de Goti in Campania near Naples, which held celebrations in his honour this week.



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