Naples only Italy destination on CNN Travel wish list in 2022

Jan 04, 2022 415

Naples is the only Italian destination on the CNN Travel wish list of best places to go in 2022. The annual list of "dream destinations", which includes national parks and remote islands, pays tribute to the "energetic vibes of booming Naples, the Italian birthplace of pizza."

Citing its ancient ruins beneath modern suburbs, its sassy hotels and "scooters zigzagging past faded-glory palazzos", the guide describes the centro storico of Naples as "pulsating with energy." "Areas which were previously considered no-go for tourists are finally being seen in a different light" - writes CNN - "The Sanità district, once looked down on, is now the place to be", thanks to its catacombs and cutting-edge art at the former royal palace of Capodimonte.

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