More gold in synchronized swimming at the World Championships in Budapest: Minisini and Ruggiero champions of the mixed free on the notes of Maneskin

Jun 26, 2022 222

Italy's Giorgio Minisini and Lucrezia Ruggiero won their second gold medal at the World Swimming Championships in Budapest today in the mixed free after the one in the mixed technical on June 20. The two Italians performed to the notes of Beggin by Maneskin. The new Italian pair champion of the world synchro showed clear artistic and technical superiority.

Three years together between training and preparations, pandemics and quarantines, few competitions and many hopes, they are finally collecting credit with luck. On Monday they began their golden week with success in the technician's final, now the fantastic encore. And now they are preparing to dominate in August the European Championships in their Rome.

"This free exercise is a bit more fun," says Lucrezia Ruggiero, "For the technical we chose a more classical music, instead in the free we thought of a more engaging one even for those outside. We start right away with the leg and arm difficulties to seek involvement with the audience. The tandem, I would say the team is our strength. It is a synergy that helps all of us to get through ten days of competitions that are not easy."

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