From Milan To Venice: How To Spend A Perfect Week In Northern Italy

Jun 01, 2021 366


It was a travel conference that first drew my attention to Trento, Italy. Once I googled Trento, I knew I wanted to visit, and the possibilities for a trip through Northern Italy blossomed. Northern Italy leaves an indelible mark whether it be with its mountain ranges, glistening lakes, rolling vineyards, beautiful cities and towns, or its superstar, Venice. Along with the landscapes, the Italian cuisine in Northern Italy is outstanding. Pasta shares the menu with risotto, polenta, and cheesy cream sauces. And … you’re in Italy, so the gelato is to die for.

I chose to do this itinerary through Northern Italy by train and one bus. I love train travel in Europe and find that the experience of relaxing on the train, watching the scenery zip by, and observing locals trumps reading road maps. Perhaps that is because I have been dreadfully lost more than once on the backroads of Italy! Regardless of the mode of transportation you choose, this itinerary is breathtaking, inspiring, and won’t soon be forgotten.

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