Milan fashion week: Italy embraces new normal at Fendi show

Sep 24, 2020 187

In five-inch heels and a lace pencil skirt, Milan is taking baby steps into the new normal. With supermodels on the catwalk and Paul Mescal in the front row, Fendi had flashbulbs popping at a fashion show for the first time since before lockdown. Italian fashion is back in business, although not business at usual. At Dolce & Gabbana, guests accessorised their leopard-print cocktail dresses with embroidered black lace face masks.

Social distancing meant Fendi could accommodate 130 guests in a venue that normally squeezes in 1,500, and when paparazzi asked Rita Ora to shuffle closer along the front row to Kim Jones, recently announced as the brand’s new designer, security swiftly intervened to ensure 2-metre distancing was resumed.

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