Medium-sized companies start growing again, study says

Jun 01, 2015 542

by Paolo Bricco

Nothing to complain about for 2014. And this year looks good too for Italy's medium-sized companies. In fact, in 2014, for the first time since 2008, the number of companies with rising revenue outnumbered the ones whose sales fell: 45.2% versus 27%, according to an annual report on mid-sized Italian companies issued by Mediobanca. That's a positive spread of 18.2%. Something - and not just a little something - is on the move.

Production was also up last year, by the way. And after five full months of 2015, owners of the 3,212 mid-sized businesses polled by Mediobanca are optimistic: 46.3% of them see higher revenue and 42.6% anticipate rising production. So the worst of the three-year recession seems to be over, in terms of both valuations and perceptions, for this segment of the Italian economy, which makes up 16% of the added value of our industrial manufacturing and 17% of Italian exports.

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Fonte: Italy24


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