L’Ospedale delle Bambole

Sep 18, 2019 256

BY: Francesca Bezzone

Of all things you may imagine to find in Naples , a dolls’ hospital – or an ospedale delle bambole, to say it in Italian – is probably one  of the strangest.  But let me introduce you to it with a little anecdote. A few  years ago, I was in Chicago with one of my best friends. Sometime before, she had introduced me to the American Girl dolls: she had told me you could get historical ones, too, and clothes and furniture for them, all in the style corresponding to the epoch. She and her sisters all had one when they were small and still cherished them as adults. 

Although I was never really into dolls as a child, I sort of developed a liking for them as an adult, mostly for antique or collectible ones: they are beautiful example of traditional craftsmanship, sometimes. So, when  my friend told me  there was a huge American Girl store in Chicago, I agreed to pay a visit. 

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SOURCE: https://www.lifeinitaly.com

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