A Look at Lake Como’s Glamorous Past Through One of Its Oldest Hotels

Nov 03, 2021 295

BY: Dana Givens

From its earliest beginnings, the towns surrounding Lake Como have served as a pleasurable refuge for the rich. It is not unheard of to hear about rare sightings of A-list actors and billionaire heiresses on holiday casually lingering among other travelers and locals. It has become a name frequented in magazines with snapshots of the ultra-wealthy coming out of the secluded vacation villas to escape prying eyes.

The Italian getaway located in its northern region, a world away from major cities like Rome or Florence, has an intimate history to the wealthiest families around the globe, especially when they’re planning a carefree vacation along the water. Upon arrival, travelers will marvel at the rolling green hills dotted with colorful homes that are spaced sparsely around the lake below. 

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SOURCE: https://www.fodors.com

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