Lombardy Thrives and Shines

Jul 16, 2021 197

BY: Sara Magro

In 1939, singer Giovanni D'Anzi released a song whose title exalted Lombardy's capital – In Milanese dialect, Milan l’è un gran Milan means “Milan is a Grand Milan.” A long time has passed, but the song still rings true. In fact Milan, today, is even grander. The true Italian city of international scopes like London, Paris, and New York, Milan is where things happen. A lot of things: there's modernity, art, culture, design, and joie de vivre, but also sacrosanct respect for tradition.

Holidays in Lombardy: eating in Milan

Let's talk about dining. The Lombard capital has become the point of convergence of the world's gastronomic trends, in a "high" version, such as the Indian one in Cittamani, the Novo-Andean one in Pacifico, and the fusion one in Iyo, the first non-Italian restaurant in Italy to earn a Michelin star. 

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SOURCE: https://www.lacucinaitaliana.com

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