The life and the works of Renzo Piano

Sep 12, 2018 345


Our country is known and appreciated all over the world for the exceptional value of some figures that have characterized recent history. One of the best known is Renzo Piano, one of the most active and prolific architects in the world. Italian Traditions will lead you on the discovery of this important figure for Italian and world architecture. We will tell you about his life and examine his works and main projects. Finally we will take a look at the awards that Renzo Piano has obtained during his career.

Renzo Piano is an Italian-born architect and senator born in Genoa on 14th September 1937. After obtaining his high school diploma in his city, he attended the faculty of architecture first in Florence and then in Milan. Here still as a student he attended the architectural firm of Franco Albini. He graduated from the Milan Polytechnic in 1964 with a thesis entitled Modulation and modular coordination. After attending the Albini firm between 1965 and 1975 he travelled between the United States and England to complete his training.

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