Legends of Italy: Piedmont, The Toro Rosso of Turin

Jun 01, 2020 83


Torino, first capital of Italy, and centuries old heart of the Savoia’s Kingdom, never  quite relinquished her royal, aristocratic habits and looks. Visitors notice it immediately, while strolling around her grandiose portico-lined vie, while taking in the timeless elegance of Piazza Vittorio and the understated, intimate beauty of Cit Turin. 

But Torino was Torino way earlier than the Savoias and way earlier than Risorgimento, the time in Italian history that brought to the unification of the peninsula, in 1861. In the end, she still proudly and defiantly bears the marks of her military Roman origins, with her  regular, perpendicular roads criss-crossing each other at 90 degrees angles, as it was customary in castra, Rome’s own military camps.

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SOURCE: https://italoamericano.org

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