Italy's players serenade Spinazzola on flight home after win

Jul 04, 2021 430

BY: Ciaran Fahey

The in-flight entertainment turned out to be the Spinazzola Serenade. The loud singing and enthusiastic cheering on Italy’s plane home wasn’t for either of the two players who scored, but for the defender who prevented a goal in the team’s 2-1 victory over Belgium at the European Championship.

“Ole, ole, ole, Spina! Spina!” they sang to Leonardo Spinazzola, some banging on the overhead lockers to keep the beat. The Italians had plenty to celebrate after reaching the Euro 2020 semifinals with the victory in Munich, but they had also something to commiserate because of the man of the hour was carried off the field on a stretcher and may not be able to play against Spain on Tuesday in London.

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