Italian Ghost Town Celleno Attracts Netflix Movie “Dark Moon” and Visitors From All Over The World

Jul 02, 2019 317

BY: Giulio Gargiullo

In the small town of Celleno, located in the Province of Viterbo, an hour’s drive from Rome Italy, the filming of the television series “Black Moon” (Luna Nera) by Italian producer Fandango, started a few days ago. The television series will be available worldwide on Netflix by 2020.

The TV series is about the story of a group of women accused of witchcraft in Italy in the 17th century. The movie is based on a manuscript by Tiziana Triana and created by Francesca Manieri and Laura Paolucci. Other scenes of the film have been filmed in the same territory and in the studios of Cinecittà. This area, called Tuscia, has always been the ideal location for many internationally renowned films, commercials, and advertisements.

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