Innovativo Creativo Italiano: a photo shoot capturing Italians’ creative souls

May 23, 2017 1026


Judy Starkman, who worked as a London-based feature documentary filmmaker for networks, such as ABC, CBS, CNN, and SKY-TV, alongside several incursions in still photography and the shooting of commercials, has been constantly training her storytelling skills, from a visual and informative perspective.  She is married to Bill Lagattuta, a former award-winning anchorman and reporter for NBC and CBS, who is currently enjoying a second creative life as an artist with a distinct style, that combines the use of metals with the love for language. 

In common, Judy and Bill have the ability to document any situation objectively, combined with an out-of-the-box way of looking at the world. In Lagattuta’s case, a genuine eagerness to reconnect to his Sicilian roots certainly played its part. Starkman, despite lacking any blood ties to Italy, has developed an authentic fascination for Italian culture, people and places. 

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