In Umbria time and patience are put to good use to preserve forgotten trees and their stories

Jul 28, 2015 791

by Chiara Beghelli

Trees can also tell stories, beside giving fruits. Branches and roots can hide ancient traditions, keep in silent woods, hard to discover unless you strongly want to. Livio dalla Ragione wanted it: a painter, a former partisan, with an intense passion for folk culture, he started to look for these "telling trees" about 50 years ago, in the North of Umbria Region.

He bought a small farm and began to collect there the rare plants he found in old monasteries, farms, abandoned country houses in that area of central Italy. Plants that could be condemned to a future of oblivion, because their fruits, once very popular, were no more appealing for contemporary food culture based on supermarkets.

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Fonte: Italy24

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