If You Love Chocolate, Visit Turin On Your Next Trip To Italy

Dec 23, 2019 361

BY: Catherine Sabino

If you want to consume some of the best edibles—pastas, cheeses, breads—and wines in the world, of course, you head to Italy. If you want some of the world’s best chocolates, you should go there, too, specifically to the quietly elegant city of Turin, a bucket-list stop for anyone remotely interested in fine-quality versions of the sweet.

It’s easy to sate all manner of cocoa-based cravings here, whether you’re having the Turin equivalent of afternoon tea, the Merenda Reale, where you swap out the Earl Grey for pudding-thick hot chocolate or the espresso-chocolate-cream medley of the iconic bicerin, and dip locally made cookies and biscuits, called bagnati, in the drinks; indulging in a chocolate “sandwich” (try it at Caffè al Bicerin); or savoring some breakfast toast swiped with Nutella, the chocolate-and-hazelnut spread created in the town of Alba, also in Piedmont. 

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