The iconic oliva taggiasca, the pride and glory of Liguria's Riviera di Ponente

Aug 07, 2020 242

BY: Francesca Bezzone

Ligurians, often, don’t come across as particularly pleasant: they lack the expansiveness of our Southerners, but also the good-tempered simplicity of the Piedmontese. Perceived as perennially in a  bad mood and unfriendly to the verge of rudeness, in truth Ligurians are not like that at all. 

In many ways, they are people stuck in the very idiosyncrasies of their land, which is full of light and sun, opened to the world as you would expect from a place by the sea, but that, at the same time, is also attached to the past, to tradition, to the soil that gives food and sustenance, as a place made of mountains and rocky hills always is. 

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