How an American spy helped liberate Rome, 75 years ago

Jun 05, 2019 496

BY: Jessica Phelan

In the night between June 4th and 5th 1944, Allied soldiers arrived in Rome and the city became the first Axis capital to be liberated from the Nazis. One of those to greet them was an American writer and undercover agent who had spent months working with the Italian resistance to pave the way for Rome's liberation.

His name was Peter Tompkins and, despite being a native of Athens, Georgia, he had successfully passed himself off as an Italian in order to spy on Nazi troop movements from behind enemy lines. He wasn't a soldier. Barely 25 years old at the time American tanks were rolling past the Colosseum, a few years earlier he was studying at Harvard and the Sorbonne, then reporting from Italy in the early years of World War Two for the New York Herald Tribune.

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