A Guide To Saturnia, Tuscany's Most Scenic & Soothing Natural Hot Spring

Nov 24, 2021 230


Locals in Tuscany, Italy, have been visiting the hot springs of Saturnia for decades during the winter. However, most of the globe didn’t know about those scenic free thermal springs until recently. This is thanks to the incredible aerial shots that have revealed the true beauty of those attractions. The only ones who knew about this gem in Saturnia were the locals in Italy. The most famous hot spring in Saturnia, Tuscany, is Cascate del Mulino.

What’s so beautiful about those thermal baths is that the hot water comes from the ground and falls down the slope of a small hill. This creates a splendid formation of natural pools that have the temperature of the human body all-year-round ( 37 Celsius degrees). Many people believe that the thermal baths in Saturnia possess healing properties for the skin and the digestive system.

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SOURCE: https://www.thetravel.com

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