Gran Paradiso: Why It's A Paradise For Lovers Of The Outdoors

Dec 29, 2021 324

BY: Aunindita Bhatia

Gran Paradiso National Park in Italy is a breathtaking alpine region with spectacular scenery and fascinating history. The landscape is breathtaking, with dry peaks giving way to meadows studded with wildflowers, ice, and waterfalls. Inside the park's confines, visitors can see ermine, coyotes, beavers, leopards, owls, hawks, and other local animals.

The park is centered on Mount Gran Paradiso, Italy's seventh tallest peak, which lures thrill-seekers looking for thrilling and stunning views. Several of the routes are over a century old, and in the wintertime, tourists may enjoy skiing under a blanket of fresh snow. Plenty of the park's routes are bike-friendly, appealing to mountain bikers. In Gran Paradiso National Park, there are plenty of sites to view and sites to discover!

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