The Giulia Sprint Speciale Coupé, more than just a car

Jun 01, 2017 982

The Giulia Sprint Speciale Coupé in these images was designed under the direction of Turin-born engineer Orazio Satta Puliga (1910-1974), with the support of invaluable colleagues such as Rudolf Hruschka. Satta Puliga once commented, “Alfa Romeo is not just a car manufacturer: its cars are something more than cars made in a conventional way. There are many car brands, but Alfa has a ranking of its own. Enthusiasm for a means of transportation is a kid of disease. It’s a lifestyle, a very peculiar way one can see a motor vehicle.”

Launched in 1963, the Giulia Sprint Speciale by Bertone (1,400 were made until 1965) was one of the best outcomes of the small revolution the Milanese company started in 1954, when the first Giulietta Sprint (later known as Giulia Sprint) hit the market, responding to the need for mass-motorization that had surged after the Second World War.

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