From ruined hill towns to medieval pigeon coops to hidden frescos, Rome surprises with unexpected beauty

Aug 22, 2015 735

by Maarten van Aalderen

What strikes Elena Llorente the most about Italy is that the country always manages to surprise her with its unexpected beauty. "There's no need to travel, you only have to walk along the streets," she says. "The surprises are around every corner, especially in the historical city centre of Rome – but not only – where every few meters you see something beautiful. You don't often realize what beauty there is to be seen close at hand. You need to have sharper vision," she advises.

Elena recalls that once, when she was in her car, stuck in the traffic, in a road close to Piazza Fiume, an area that does not seem to stand out as particularly beautiful. "At a standstill alongside me was a young man on a motorbike who, just like me, could go neither forward nor backwards." Having nothing to do, absent-mindedly Elena started to look around herself and suddenly she discovers a marvellous palazzo decorated with frescoes. Also the motorcyclist noticed it and was absolutely gobsmacked.

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Fonte: Italy24


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