Forever Young, Rome Celebrates Its 2772th Birthday!

Apr 21, 2019 591

BY: Georgette Jupe

Without a doubt, the city of Rome, also known as the 'Eternal City' has touched the hearts and minds of many. Proverbs such as "All roads lead to Rome" are no accident but instead come about due to the enormous feats that this empire created, such as an impressive road network of over 50,000 miles spreading its culture, politics, trade, commerce and influence throughout the known world. Other anchievements include the innovative aquaduct system (some of which is still used today), bringing citizens underground sewage systems and ornate public baths. 

Though Rome is actually pretty old, it is most certanly a city that stays eternally young. 2772 years ago, on April 21, Rome was founded by the mythical Romulus, who killed twin brother Remes to become ruler and founder. If you are lucky enough to be in Rome today, head to the Circus Maximus aka the tracciato del solco around 3pm to take part in the city's birthday celebrations which include historical renactments. On Sunday, April 23rd you can check out the full costumed parade departing 11:15 in the center of Rome in route to the Circus Maximus. 

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