Football in Italy: a journey through the history of the most famous sport in the world

Jan 13, 2022 265

Since its creation, football has had great success, both for the simplicity of its rules and the show it manages to offer. In Italy, it has become a genuine faith with fans born with the myth of football. Italian teams, including the national team, have always distinguished themselves worldwide, winning trophies in every competition. Italian football has a very long history, made up of great triumphs and epic defeats. Scroll down a few lines, and let's retrace them together.

The origins of football in Italy

There are historical references that tell about games very similar to football already in the times of the Greeks and Romans, as well as during the Florentine Renaissance, in which there was even a game called "the game of football", modern football history in Italy is at the end of the 19th century. Genoa's oldest Italian team, founded on 7 September 1893, followed by Alexandria in 1896, Juventus in 1897 and Milan in 1899.

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