Flights from the US to Italy are back on - but will you be allowed to board?

Jul 04, 2020 452

BY: Clare Speak

As Italy gradually lifts travel restrictions, some US-Italy flight connections were reinstated in June. But as The Local's readers report, being able to buy tickets is no guarantee that passengers will be allowed to board the flight, as the restrictions for travelling into Italy have not been lifted completely.

"Non-essential" travel into Italy from outside the EU and Schengen zone remains limited, and there has been confusion among travellers over what counts as "essential" and how exactly the rules are being applied. Some frustrated US residents say they were able to buy airline tickets for US-Italy routes, and arrived at the airport believing they had an urgent reason for travel and had complied with the rules - but they say they were unable to get clear travel information in advance, and were turned away by airline staff when they arrived at the airport.

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