“Ferragosto” on the Adriatic Riviera: How the Rimini Beach Tradition Got Started

Sep 02, 2021 254

BY: Wolfgang Achtner

The Adriatic Riviera (the coastal area on the Adriatic Sea near Rimini) as we know it today, was born in the climate of well-being and euphoria that characterized Italy from the end of the Fifties through the beginning of the Sixties, when the middle class generated mass tourism and the summer holiday took on the meaning of “escape” from everyday life.

Starting then, in Rimini, numerous areas equipped for sunbathing and welcoming holidaymakers were set up on the beach, first with moveable canopies and deck chairs and then with umbrellas and sunbeds and, in the areas of town closest to the sea, thousands of welcoming “all-inclusive” small pensions offering room and board at incredibly cheap prices, sprung up.

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SOURCE: https://www.lavocedinewyork.com

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