Exports surge through November, +5.7%

Jan 20, 2017 540

by Luca Orlando

Thanks to an across the board pick up, which was influenced by both European as well as non-EU countries, Italian exports skyrocketed in November by 5.7% annually—their best performance since last August. This powerful boost can also be seen on a monthly basis (+2.2%), which gave a shot in the arm to what had been a none-too-spectacular 2016. A 0.7% growth in exports was experienced from January to November 2016, doubling to 1.5% if energy costs are excluded from the calculation.

The growth truly began in August, thanks to the recovery of certain non-EU markets—in particular, the United States and China. This was accompanied by an increase in European sales in November, starting with Germany (the primary export market for 'Made in Italy' products).

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Fonte: Italy24

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