The eternal enchantment of the Eternal City: The Rome you Don’t Expect (Part III)

Jun 13, 2017 1621


Little-known stories of the eternal city, of its artists and popes, families and colorfully clad armies. Through centuries of anecdotes, our short trip into the more curious and mysterious side of Roman history and art is about to end with a bow to the more dreamlike nature of the city. Picture an unusually silent evening, where little to no people are around, and enter corners of Rome where this and the otherworld may well be sitting one next to the other.

There will be ghosts, but not your usual ghosts. There will be houses that look like a dreamlike vision of an Alice-in-Wonderland-esque world, all closed into the smallest district of the capital. Rome knows how to keep her secrets well-guarded, yet loves to disclose them to the right people every now and then; because - you see - Rome, sometimes, likes her quiet and only opens her doors to those she truly fancies: what you’ll see may not be what you expect, but it certainly won’t be any less mesmerizing, beautiful and charming.

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