Emilio Pucci. The father of Italian fashion | Italian Innovators

Nov 04, 2022 270

BY: Luca Cottini

The new episode of "Italian innovators" is a profile of Emilio Pucci, aristocrat, sportsman, aviator, war spy, smuggler, politician, and world renowned fashion designer, who pioneered the project of Italian moda in the early 1950s, designed the style of dolce vita, and created one of the most iconic brands in the 20th century. His unique approach to fashion stems from a dynamic synthesis of Florentine Renaissance and modern lifestyle.

His work, which ranges from skiwear and swimwear to womenswear and aviation and aerospace uniforms, is a stunning combination of effortlessness and sophistication. Here is one of the most extraordinary stories of my #innovators series. I hope you will enjoy it! Watch the episode here.

SOURCE: Italian Innovators

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