Emilia-Romagna is the most virtuous region in spending EU funds

Jan 18, 2016 661

by Chiara Bussi

Emilia-Romagna has been the only Italian region to accomplish expenditure's certification targets for EU funds 2007-2013 for both European Social Fund (ESF) and Regional Development Fund (ERDF). This information comes from the Observatory Il Sole 24 Ore-Clas Group which has analyzed the latest data and compared them with government's targets in order to accelerate the expenditure and avoid Brussels' automatic de-commitment. It is a tailor-made pattern for each program, with three evaluations per year.

Having exceeded its 5.4% target, Emilia-Romagna dominates the ESF ranking, and it also occupies the fifth position in the ERDF ranking (4.7% beyond its target). But Emilia-Romagna has to keep going this way because it still has to certify respectively the 10% and the 12.4% of the expenditure.

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Fonte: Italy24


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