Discovering Sardinia with the 100 Towers Walk

May 19, 2022 231

Visiting 105 towers scattered across 88 Sardinian municipalities: this is the aim of the 'Cammino delle 100 Torri, in Sardegna', a slow route that takes visitors to some of the most beautiful places on the big blue island in about 60 days. The itinerary crosses 450 kilometres of beaches and endless expanses of sea that are lost in the horizon of spectacular panoramas, sunsets with spectacular colours and pieces of Italian history that show the glory of the ancient peoples that have crossed its shores.

This is undoubtedly an alternative to the usual tourist routes, a proposal suitable for those who like to combine the sea with physical activity, more or less intense depending on their possibilities. Let's take a look at how the 100 Tori Trail unfolds and all the secrets for an unforgettable experience.

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