A Craft Beer Revolution in Sicily: The Brewers You Need to Know

Jun 03, 2019 808

BY: Jamie Mackay

Sicily can reasonably claim to be the most enigmatic of all Italian regions. Anomalous and magical, with a multicultural identity that has fused together countless civilisations, the island has an allure unto itself that has seduced travellers since the time of Ancient Greece. Sadly, in recent years, it has also struggled the most with poverty. Youth unemployment has hovered around the 60 percent line for almost a decade now, and its GDP is half that of the north. 

The islanders, though, are not known for giving up. While many have been forced to leave, thousands of others have remained or returned to create new economic opportunities. One of the most unexpected in recent years has been the surge in artisanal beer. A decade ago, IPAs and Bock were barely known on the island. Now Sicily produces gallons of the stuff and, more importantly still, to an exceptional quality. Not only is the island’s produce a strong contender for the best beer in Italy, it can even stand up to the high standards set by Belgium and Germany. No really.

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SOURCE: https://www.italymagazine.com

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