Come to Perdasdefogu, the village of Italian centenari

Mar 04, 2022 352

BY: Chiara Dalessio

Sardinia, along with other areas of Italy such as Cilento (Campania), is a place with reaching 100 is not that unusual, and it is especially so in Perdasdefogu, in the province of Nuoro, a village of just over 1,700 that recently celebrated the birthday of its ninth and tenth centenarians

Vittorio Lai turned 100 on the 12th of February, while Piuccia Lai (same surname but no relation) reached the goal a handful of days later. According to Angela Giuffrida, who narrated their story for The Guardian, both are as spritely and active as teenagers, with Vittorio still driving and hunting wild boar, and Piuccia flying regularly to Milan to see her children.

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