The Castle of Fénis, symbol of the Middle Ages in the Aosta Valley

Oct 06, 2021 269

BY: Alexandra Amico

The Aosta Valley region is famous for its castles, and the Castle of Fénis, set in the homonymous town, is certainly one of the most visited. As opposed to many castles in the region, for example the Fort of Bard, it is not located in an elevated position, useful for war purposes, but in a hilly area with no natural defences; for this reason massive fortifications were built, making it even more spectacular.

The Castle of Fénis was initially property of the Challant-Fénis family; therefore, it was an aristocratic residence, that with its huge defense system and its prestigious decorations stood for the power of the noble feudal family. The construction of the fortress goes back to the period between 1320 and 1421 and the credits for its magnificence go to Boniface I of Challant.

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