Carloforte, Genoa on the other side of the sea

May 29, 2018 528

Carloforte is a beautiful village in South Sardinia. The municipality coincides with the entire island of San Pietro and is known for the fact that its residents do not speak the Sardinian dialect but “tabarchino”, and ancient Ligurian language brought over in the 18th century by Genoese settlers from the Tunisian island of Tabarka, where they had moved to two centuries earlier to fish and trade coral.

Once coral began dwindling and relationships with the Tunisian authorities became increasingly complicated, they came to Sardinia and founded their new town in honor of king of Sardinia Charles Emmanuel III, who had granted them possession of the island (named after Saint Peter according to the traditional belief that the Prince of the Apostles traveled through the island on his way to Rome).

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