Car travel in Italy: from the coastal views of the Cinque Terre to the art cities in Tuscany

May 13, 2021 174

The long and exhausting restrictions due to the state of emergency caused by the Covid-19 pandemic have only increased the desire to travel. However, as far as finally possible, it is perhaps less prudent to travel by public transport at this historic moment, whereby travelling by private vehicles is more advisable. Hence, it seems to be the right moment to organize that on-the-road trip everyone has dreamed of doing at least once in life.

Do not be discouraged by long distances: sometimes they are shorter than we think. The itinerary we report below that starts from the magnificent coastal Ligurian area of the Cinque Terre (Five Lands) to the charming Pisa in the beautiful Tuscany is the perfect example. This route between two of the most stunning Italian regions is also easily accessible by car from other European countries, such as France and Spain. 

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