Can Alfa Romeo, Maserati Bring Italian Luxury Cars to the Masses?

Apr 07, 2017 925

BY: Matthew Rocco

Fiat Chrysler (FCAU) is injecting life back into Italian luxury cars. For people who can’t afford Ferraris and Lamborghinis, Alfa Romeo and Maserati will offer a far bigger presence in the U.S. this year with new SUVs and premium sedans. The two Fiat Chrysler-owned brands, which are running on an influx of cash from their parent company, are looking to make inroads in a crowded luxury field dominated by German and Japanese rivals.

“You haven’t had a whole lot of new players over the last decade or so. What they bring to the table is something new and different,” said Michael Harley, executive analyst for Kelley Blue Book. “The pie can only be sliced into so many pieces, but they don’t have to expand the market. They just have to take sales away from other automakers.”

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