Bought some Bertolli olive oil? You could be getting paid

May 24, 2018 621

If you’re a lover of olive oil, you may have put yourself in the slick position of receiving some money in the near future. That’s because Deoleo USA, the maker of the uber-popular Bertolli olive oil brand recently settled a class-action lawsuit. The company agreed to pay $7 million and change its packaging after complaints that its “Imported from Italy” labeling was a misrepresentation because most of the product allegedly came from other countries.

Seven plaintiffs from six states also alleged that the company mislabeled Bertolli as “extra virgin” when the “best by” date on the bottle defied that standard. “Due to this litigation, Deoleo has already removed the phrase ‘Imported from Italy’ from its products and has agreed to refrain from using similar phrases, such as ‘Made in Italy,’ unless the oil is entirely from olives grown and pressed in Italy,” according to the settlement. The company does, however, deny any wrongdoing.

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