The Beauty of Italian Charm Jewelry

Jul 22, 2019 312

Keira Knightley loves hers, Oprah also wears one, and they are not the only celebrities who wear them. If you wear an Italian charm bracelet you will be entirely on trend. Charm jewelry dates back to ancient times. Egyptian pharaohs used to be buried with expensive gold necklaces which they thought would bring them luck in the after-world. Their graves glittered with gold and colorful gems, such as rubies and emeralds. No expense was spared for their journeys into the after-life.

The ancient Romans believed that amulets would bring them good luck, protect them from evil, and bring prosperity. Roman amulets could have many different inscriptions, such as ‘Good luck to the user’ or images, such as big breasts, which were believed to help women become fertile. Young Roman boys wore gold pouches on their necklaces to help them. These ‘bullas’ were given to them when they were children to protect them from evil spirits.

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