Beautiful Island on Lake Bolsena Set to Reopen to the Public

Jun 23, 2022 197

On the placid waters of Lake Bolsena in central Italy is the mysterious island of Bisentina, which takes its name from the nearby ancient Etruscan-Roman town of Bisenzio. Isola Bisentina is the largest of the two islands found on Lake Bolsena, the largest volcanic lake in Europe, with a circumference of 43km, located in the Tuscia area, between Rome and Tuscany. The other island is called Martana and no visitors are allowed.  

A favorite retreat of the Farnese family in the 1500s, the island was acquired in the 1900s by the princess Beatrice Spada Potenziani. In 2017, it was sold to an Italian family of pharmaceutical entrepreneurs.

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