Alto Adige Wines of the Italian Alps Seek New Heights in the US Market

Jan 25, 2023 133

The Alto Adige Wine Consortium is pleased to announce a new phase of their trade and media programming in the United States, as well as the appointment of Teuwen, an Evins Communications Company, as their Agency of Record. After 15 years of promotional activities in the US, the Alto Adige Wines 2023 campaign aims to dig deeper roots for the region among key audiences. 

Located in the northeastern corner of Italy, Alto Adige, also known by its German moniker, Südtirol, is geographically small, but its spectrum of varieties and vineyards is vast. The stunning region is a land of diversities that work in harmony. Here, producers merge rich traditions and classic styles with progressive thinking and initiatives to create the highest quality wines that showcase site and varietal specificity. 

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