Alfa Romeo-Based Dodge Hornet Crossover Could Be Coming to America

Jun 16, 2021 197

BY: James Gilboy

By not fixing what ain't broke, Dodge is raking in the cash with its Charger and Challenger muscle cars, and Durango SUV. But even that strategy has a limit. Dodge is overdue for new blood in its lineup, and rumor suggests it could get some from Italy in the form of an Alfa Romeo Tonale-based crossover called the Hornet.

Revealed as a concept in 2019, the Tonale will be a compact hybrid crossover that Automotive News reports will borrow a platform from the Jeep Compass. Construction will be undertaken by Alfa's Pomigliano D'Arco factory outside Naples, Italy, where Passione Auto Italiane reports the Tonale will share a production line with the Dodge Hornet. 

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