5 must-see locations in Trentino Alto Adige

Oct 19, 2021 206

BY: Matteo Vergani

Land of the most beautiful and envied mountains in the world, Trentino-Alto Adige is both the northermost and the most mountainous region of the Belpaese and one of the least densely populated. Its territory has an unique and precious environment, where ancient castles, majestic mountains, green valleys and fairy villages alternate views that barely seem real.

Rich of culture and traditions, the Trentino is one of the most popular mountain areas by hikers from all over Europe, boasting places of rare beauty and natural interest. Italian Traditions found for you 5 absolutely must-see destinations  of this magical land, hidden treasures in the thick woods and on top of the highest mountains, but they are worth all the effort required to achieve them.

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SOURCE: https://italian-traditions.com

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