20 top rated attractions in Milan

Jul 12, 2021 274

The business capital of Italy offers to tourists an incredible variety of artistic attractions, entertainment, fashion and pure discovery of characteristic districts. Milan lets itself be unveiled slowly, it wants to be courted and understood like a Risorgimental noblewoman.


You can look for it in the Alda Merini’s words, the poetess of Navigli, in the intense notes of Maria Callas “The Diva” or in the sad story of Virginia de Leyva, made famous by Alessandro Manzoni as the Monk of Monza; however, the best way to discover Milan is to walk along its streets, talk to its citizen and let yourself be carried away in that crazy whirlwind of life that has made it famous all over the world. In this article we accompany you to discover the most precious treasures of the city

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SOURCE: https://www.visititaly.eu/

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