12 Reasons to Visit Naples, Italy

Nov 29, 2022 281

Yes, I know your objections to Naples. “But the crime!” you point out. Perhaps you mumble something about piles of garbage. We who know her counter with, “But she is a diamond in the rough!”So let’s let the camera speak, because the verbal argument is long and tedious.

Consider Vesuvius

You can’t miss the volcano when you are in Naples. Like the city, it is alive and dangerous. But people like it. Every time the authorities fan out and tell the residents whose little houses teeter on the slopes of Vesuvio, “Come. We have nice houses in a much better place where you are safe from being deep fried in the lava flow signore” they receive stern looks that tell them no. The tomatoes are the best from here.

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SOURCE: https://www.wanderingitaly.com

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